The Disability Guy

The Disability Guy

16 Sep, 2015
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Scott is an Eligible Direct Pay Non-Attorney for Social Security Disability claims. He works with both SSDI and SSI claimants and accepts cases at the initial determination level. Mr. Transue is well aware how daunting the application process can be, so he coaches you every step of the way. Getting approved for disability benefits is much easier when you know what the Social Security Administration is looking for.

It’s not enough to simply state you’re disabled and cannot work. There must be verified medical evidence of your impairment and substantiation of how your symptoms impact your ability to get and keep employment.

Scott wins many cases without the need for a hearing, and that works in your favor. It often takes up to a year for a case to be scheduled for hearing, so an approval early on is in your best interest. Scott will coach you on the documents you need as well as other evidence necessary to meet Social Security’s definition of “disabled”. He treats each case as his only one, and devotes as much time as necessary.

Contact Scott today for a free case evaluation!

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